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Be My Identity is a web design company that prides itself in creating affordable, custom-made websites for businesses looking to make a bold presence in the online community. Our company was built around serving those who are looking to advertise their passion not only to their local community but also beyond.


Having a business is not only about the product but it's also about the customer.

Mobile Friendly

More often than not, your site may be accessed via a mobile device which is why we automatically include a mobile friendly design.

Easy to Navigate

We make it easy for those customers with short attention spans to find exactly what they need without having to go on a scavenger hunt.

Fast Load Times

Because we know most of us 

don't like to be kept waiting, our sites are designed to quickly load your information.



Check out a few benefits that may interest you.

Unlimited Access

Whether you're on vacation or closed until the next business day, let your website do the work while you're away.

Cutting Costs

Limit how much time and money

you spend on traditional advertisements by simply posting what you want your customers to know directly on your website.


Search engine optimization, or better known as SEO, can help increase traffic to your website via various major search engines.



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